Friday, October 5, 2012

What is advertising?

What is Advertising?
Popular phrases that define advertising:
The first theme Sabrina and Soledad ´s Blog will be to explore “Capturing advertising´s essence”.
 We consider advertising as a source to promote a product, a service or an event to a target audience.   Through this promotion, or mass promotion a message can reach a large number of people. Such as disciplines change over time, this one has changed radically over years. Nowadays there are many new advertising technologies in hand with the emergence of new media which offer much more options for advertising.
Target audience is the portion of general public that products, services or events were created for and intended to fill a desire or need in the marketplace. Audience´s attention will be caught and straight directed to the promoted product thus they will become “consumers”. Consumer advertising might be individuals or families. Therefore those products may be automobiles for family use, home electronic devices, clothes, books, movies or any other thong commonly found in an individual or family household. Thus they can be divided into groups according to age, gender, religious beliefs, income ranges, education, and many other specifically targetable aspects of life.
“Selling corn flakes to people who are eating Cheerios”
                      “The life of trade”
 “A symbol of manipulating occupation”
                         “The cave art of the twentieth century”
 “Selling in print”                      

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